2012 Honda Civic and 2012 Honda CR-V Battery Drain Investigation

Do you own or lease a 2012 Honda Civic or 2012 Honda CR-V and have experienced repeated instances where the battery was dead and the vehicle would not start?  Goldenberg Schneider, LPA is currently investigating 2012 model year Honda Civic and Honda CR-V vehicles regarding an alleged defect whereby the vehicle’s battery prematurely deteriorates, drains, and fails to operate properly due to prolonged exposure to low state of charges (even when the vehicle is turned off).  This leads to the situations where your vehicle will not start.  If you or anyone you know experienced this battery drain problem and would like additional information about this investigation or your legal rights, we would be pleased to review the circumstances and discuss the matter with you.  You can contact the attorneys at Goldenberg Schneider, LPA by calling (513) 345-8291 or simply fill out the Join An Investigation questionnaire.

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