VW and Audi High Pressure Fuel Pump Investigation

Goldenberg Schneider is currently investigating certain diesel-powered Volkswagen and Audi vehicles that contain a suspected high pressure fuel pump (“HPFP”) defect that may cause the vehicles to stall at highway speeds, become inoperable, and require thousands of dollars to repair.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) has opened a formal investigation (Action Number EA11003) after it received more than 160 complaints and field reports alleging incidents of engine stall or loss of power.  Affected models include Volkswagen Jetta (2009-2010), Volkswagen Golf (2010), and Audi A3 (2010).  Vehicle owners who have experienced HPFP failure often have been denied warranty coverage and have been told that the failure was caused by contaminated diesel fuel and/or inadequate vehicle maintenance.  As a result of the warranty denials, some vehicle owners have been forced to pay thousands of dollars for repairs to their fuel lines and related parts.

If you or anyone you know have experienced a HPFP failure and would like additional information about your legal rights, we would be pleased to review the circumstances and discuss the matter with you.  You can contact the attorneys at Goldenberg Schneider, LPA using the Join An Investigation form at the right or by calling (513) 345-8291.

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