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Plum Baby Food Litigation

On September 17, 2021, Federal Magistrate Judge Sharon A. King of the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey tapped Jeffrey Goldenberg of Goldenberg Schneider to serve as a member of plaintiffs’ interim Executive Committee in the consolidated multistate class action, In re Plum Baby Food Litigation, D. N.J. Civ. No. 21-2417 (NLH/SAK). The litigation arises from numerous Plum-brand baby foods alleged to contain heavy metals not disclosed on the product labels. Exposure to heavy metals endangers infant neurological development and long-term brain function, and has been linked to permanent decreases in IQ, diminished future economic productivity, and increased risk of future criminal and antisocial behavior in children.  The defendants are Plum, PBC (“Plum”), a leading brand of organic baby food in the United States, and Campbell Soup Company (“Campbell”), which purchased Plum in 2013 for $249 million. Plaintiff and the proposed class members assert claims for consumer fraud and seek damages, injunctive and declarative relief, interest, costs, and attorneys’ fees.

If you or anyone you know purchased a Plum-brand baby food and would like additional information about your legal rights, we would be pleased to discuss the matter with you. You can contact the attorneys at Goldenberg Schneider, LPA, by calling 513-982-1569 or sending an email to [email protected].