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LeafFilter Class Action

On December 3, 2020, Goldenberg Schneider filed a nationwide class action lawsuit against LeafFilter North, LLC (“LeafFilter”) in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. LeafFilter is the exclusive distributor of the LeafFilter gutter system, which is marketed as a “permanent solution to clogged gutters.” According to LeafFilter, the system is scientifically designed to keep everything out of your gutters except for water, thereby ending the hassle of cleaning gutters forever: “When our ladder goes up, yours goes down forever.” LeafFilter particularly targets elderly individuals who lack the physical ability to clean their own gutters and are at heightened risk of falling.

Plaintiff alleges that the LeafFilter system contains a defect that causes rainwater to overflow the LeafFilter system during moderate or heavy rains, damaging users’ homes, foundations, landscaping, sidewalks, and fascia. Plaintiff further alleges that contrary to LeafFilter’s representations, the system causes debris to accumulate on top of the LeafFilter system that must be cleaned to permit water to enter the gutters.

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