25 Years Of Practice

Experienced And Collaborative EHS Services

Goldenberg Schneider, LPA provides highly experienced and collaborative Environmental, Health and Safety (“EHS”) auditors, compliance professionals and attorneys.  Most hold advanced degrees and possess significant EHS auditing and compliance experience in manufacturing, distribution, retail, service, and research and development activities.

Each year, Goldenberg Schneider performs more than 100 EHS manufacturing facility audits throughout the U.S. and internationally.  Our work has taken us from our home base in Cincinnati, Ohio, to more than 50 countries and nearly every U.S. state many times over.  We take pride in providing high quality, efficient, educational, and non-confrontational audits at a reasonable cost.

We work in nearly every business sector including:

  • automobile and auto parts manufacturing
  • foundries, battery reclaimers, and smelting facilities
  • metal machining, assembly shops, and test facilities
  • plastic injection molding
  • consumer goods including paper products, soaps, detergents, cosmetics and food and drinks
  • electronics
  • fertilizers, chemical manufacturing and laboratories
  • printing
  • pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • retail sales and distribution and packaging and warehousing
  • lumber products
  • steam-electric utility plants
  • plating and painting facilities
  • midstream oil and gas
  • waste and recycling facilities

Our auditors can work alone, as a team or can supplement the client’s audit team. Goldenberg Schneider auditors can perform comprehensive wall-to-wall EHS compliance audits or more focused audits that are limited to one or more program areas.  Goldenberg Schneider auditors can also perform management systems assessments, evaluate programs across multiple locations, and often develop self-assessment tools for our clients’ internal use.

We have developed a network of over 100 international auditors who work with us to deliver high quality audits and compliance services in over 50 countries. While we prefer to work side-by-side with them, we can also assign these professionals to work directly with and for the client.

We typically take a detailed, conservative approach when identifying compliance gaps or developing compliance program, procedures, and protocols. Our goal is to help our clients develop complete and sound programs that meets all regulatory scrutiny and satisfy the most fastidious inspector.  Our audits evaluate physical site activities as well as all required written programs, plans, procedures, records, reports, logs, and inspections against the applicable national, federal, state, and local legal requirements.

Finally, because our professionals possess significant experience, Goldenberg Schneider strives to provide a draft EHS audit report to the client in any preferred format within one business day after the site visit.  This is hard work.  But it promotes strong discussion, consensus building and effective and systematic corrective actions.

To learn more about our environmental, health and safety auditing services, please call 513-982-1569 or send an email.