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Luminox Watch Class Action

On June 23, 2022, Judge Vernon Broderick of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York granted final approval to a nationwide class action settlement negotiated by Goldenberg Schneider and its co-counsel in Biddick v. Lumondi, S.D.N.Y. No. 20-cv-8091(VSB). Advertised as “The Official Watch of the Navy SEALs,” Lumondi markets Luminox watches to military service members, scuba divers, first responders, athletes and “rugged outdoorsmen” seeking “extreme performance” from their timepieces. However, the lawsuit alleged that Luminox watches contain a defect that causes their watch faces to fog when worn outdoors in either cold or hot temperatures. As a result of the fogging defect, Luminox watches exposed to outdoor temperatures below approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit remain cloudy until the watches return to room temperature. Lumondi had acknowledged the fogging defect but shockingly defends it as being “normal.” The fog that forms underneath the watch face is not only unsightly, but can also render the watches substantially unreadable. Under the approved settlement, Class Members received a 12-month limited warranty extension on their Luminox watches covered by this Settlement. In addition, Class Members who made two qualifying warranty claims under the Extended Warranty were entitled to receive a new replacement Luminox Watch if the Extended Warranty service was unsuccessful.