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Legal claims for defective in-car infotainment systems

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2021 | Litigation, Product Liability |

Modern technology has become ubiquitous in recent vehicle releases. Auto manufacturers use complex in-vehicle technology systems to increase the value of their vehicles and increase sales. In-vehicle technology can include everything from on-screen GPS and smart-phone connectivity to radio and video streaming services.

However, when these systems fail or malfunction, they can be extremely dangerous. Faulty systems cause tremendous distractions to drivers who are trying to figure out the problems and get the systems working while also navigating their vehicles.

A recent infotainment failure lawsuit

Honda’s Acura RDX provides a noteworthy example of infotainment system failures and the dangers these failures cause.

According to carcomplaints.com, the Honda infotainment systems have been causing problems throughout the line. The infotainment systems have been malfunctioning and shutting off on their own. Honda has not been able to provide updates to fix these problems, and they have caused distractions and dangers for owners of that Acura model. Further, Honda failed to inform the public of these problems.

It is our estimation that at least 100,000 Acuras have been sold with these problems. These faulty in-car systems not only cause distractions to the purchasers but to everyone on the road, as well.

What can you do?

If you have purchased an Acura or have had similar problems with in-car infotainment systems, you need to understand that you have rights. Owners of the Acura RDX manufactured between 2019 and 2020 could be part of the class-action suit against Honda and obtain significant compensation.

The best thing to do is talk with an experienced lawyer who knows how to handle this type of complex litigation.

Similarly, people with any related issues in any kind of vehicle should discuss the possibility of a lawsuit to obtain compensation. The primary way that major class action suits arise is from a significant number of individuals bringing a similar claim. It all starts with one person who has a problem with a product.

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