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Subaru Starlink Infotainment System Investigation

On Behalf of | May 19, 2023 | Firm News |

Goldenberg Schneider, LPA is investigating alleged Starlink infotainment system head unit failures in 2019-2023 Subaru Outbacks, Legacys, Foresters and WRXs. The infotainment system failures include, but are not limited to, freezing, shutting off, rebooting, working intermittently, inexplicable inputs, non-responsiveness and screen blackouts. If you have encountered one or more of these issues with your 2019-2023 Subaru vehicle equipped with the Starlink infotainment system and would like to learn about your legal rights and options, you can contact Goldenberg Schneider, LPA by calling 513-982-1569, sending an email to [email protected] or completing the “Contact Us” form to the right.

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