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Bansley & Kiener Investigation

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2021 | Firm News |

Goldenberg Schneider is currently investigating a recent ransomware attack involving the Chicago accounting firm Bansley & Kiener LLP that is believed to have compromised nearly 275,000 customers’ personal data – including social security numbers.

According to notices posted on the company’s website and sent to regulators, the attack took place in December 2020 and the company initially believed it had “contained” the attack, finding no evidence at first that the hackers had stolen data from its systems. However, the company was “made aware” in May 2020 that data was taken and learned in August 2020 that the stolen data included names and Social Security numbers for 274,115 people. The company has failed to explain why it waited six months after learning that data was exposed in the breach to notify its customers in December 2021.

As a result of this delayed response, customers were left unaware that their personally identifiable data had been compromised, and that they were, and continue to be, at significant risk to identity theft and various other forms of personal, social, and financial harm.

If you received a notification from Bansley & Kiener that your personal information was impacted by this breach and you would like to discuss your legal rights and options, contact Goldenberg Schneider, LPA now by filling out the Contact Form below.

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