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The legal battle continues over toxic baby food

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2022 | Litigation |

When a major food manufacturer faces a costly class action lawsuit, you can be sure that company will fight back aggressively. This maxim is proving true in the legal claim involving toxins in the baby food produced by Plum PBC and its former parent organization, Campbell Soup Company.

This case has been moving forward for some months now, and our attorneys have been involved with representing the plaintiffs from the beginning.

A new development

According to Law Street Media online, defendants Campbell Soup Company and Plum PBC in late 2021 filed a motion to dismiss the law suit.

The defendants:

  • Allege that there is inadequate standing, in part because the plaintiff supposedly failed to demonstrate any injuries resulting from use of the products.
  • Allege that the courts should not be presiding over the case at all because the FDA has jurisdiction over toxic food cases of this kind.
  • Allege that Campbell soup is not an appropriate defendant, since Plum PBC is its own separate legal entity and Plum should be the sole defendant.

These are just a few of the defendant’s reasons for dismissing the case, as argued in their 36-page motion.

This type of motion is not unusual

In cases like this, everyone involved can expect ongoing attempts to win outside of the normal courtroom proceedings. In many cases, major corporations brought in as defendants do not want these issues brought before a jury, because they know they will not get much sympathy for willingness to allow dangerous levels of toxins to be included in products that could endanger the lives of children.

If you have a child who may have been harmed by a Plum baby food product, the most important thing you can do is talk with an experienced lawyer who can help you obtain compensation. If you are already involved in this case, the best thing to do is trust the process. Our attorneys have seen every maneuver possible from major corporations in class-action claims of this kind.

No matter what defendants do in cases like this, justice usually prevails.

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