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Concentra Health Services and Perry Johnson & Associates Data Breach Investigation

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2024 | Firm News |

Concentra Health Services (“Concentra”) is a leading occupational medicine provider that operates 540 medical centers and 140 onsite clinics at employer locations. Perry Johnson & Associates (“PJ&A”) serves as third party vendor to Concentra providing medical transcription services to Concentra. In that capacity, Concentra shared personally identifiable information (“PII”) and protected health information (“PHI”) with PJ&A. Between March 27, 2023, and May 2, 2023, an unauthorized character accessed and breached PJ&A’s network compromising the PII and PHI of nearly 4 million Concentra patients. PJ&A became aware of the breach on May 2, 2023. The date PJ&A notified Concentra is unknown; however, the types of disclosed PII and PHI has been identified and it includes names, addresses, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, medical record numbers, hospital account numbers, admission diagnoses, dates of service, insurance information, and clinical information from medical transcription files, such as medication information and test results. If you receive a notification that your personal information and/or protected health information provided to Concentra was compromised due to the breach of Perry Johnson & Associates and you would like additional information about your legal rights, you can contact Goldenberg Schneider, LPA by calling 513-982-1569, sending an email to [email protected] or completing the “Contact Us” form to the right.

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